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PACANE Dog Collar & Bow Tie


Pacane collection was designed for the miss who enjoys reflecting on her feminine personality. The collar is crafted in an tan leather with a medium satin sheen. The MEDIUM & LARGE collars feature a pink tartan accent. The same pattern is matched the leather loop for the MEDIUM & LARGE collars.

PRIMARY COLOR : Tan color with a medium satin sheen finish

BOW TIEPink tartan plaid leather with purple fine line
Made with an discrete elastic at the back. These elastic bands easily slide onto the collar.

Designed in 3 differents widths, SMALL (1,3 cm), MEDIUM (2,5 cm) and LARGE (3,5 cm), each collar is available in different lengths to fit every breed.


Size & Fit information 

Size small (S) 1,3cm collar width  
Collar Length  Across the neck 
30cm 20cm - 26cm 
35cm  25cm - 30cm
40cm  30cm - 35cm 

Size medium (M) 2,5cm collar width 
Collar Length  Across the neck 
 45cm 30cm - 35cm
50cm 34cm - 40cm
55cm  39cm - 45cm 
 Size large (L) 3,5cm collar width 
Collar Length  Across the neck 
60cm 45cm - 50cm 
65cm 49cm - 55cm
70cm  54cm - 60cm