My name is Elyse and I am the designer behind the Signé Louka brand.  

I live in downtown Montreal with my two rescued shepherd-mix dogs, Balzak and Liloup. They like to go out, bark at squirrels, take long walks in the city and play with their friends in the dog park. I bring my dogs along whenever I can. I have to admit I love shopping, especially for designer leather handbags and shoes. I always choose quality over quantity. I am very creative, and enjoy crafting my designs with my own hands.

My interest in leashes and collars began when, many years ago, I was looking for a fashionable and strong leash for Balzak – and only leather would do. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find something that caught my eye. So I jumped into learning about leather, and soon thereafter, made my first leash. This quickly became a serious hobby and passion. 

I approached professionals in the leather industry who taught me about the tools and techniques of working leather, transmitting decades of their experience and passion to me. After much trial and error, I could finally handcraft my designs to the high standard I was looking for.

I am very proud of Signe Louka, a brand I design and craft myself. My creativity, personality and lifestyle are reflected in every Signe Louka product. I am always thinking about my next collection, and how to push my creativity further.