Collar & Bow Tie 


These top quality collars are made up of vibrant colours with optional bow tie. Designed in 3 differents widths, small (1,3 cm), medium (2,5 cm) and large (3,5 cm), each collar is available in different lengths to fit every breed of dog. Both the medium and large collars have a D-ring fixed with leather of a different colour and pattern for an eye-catching accent.

Show case

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Bow tie 

Vibrant and colorful, each bow tie is handcrafted in the finest leather. 

Designed in three different sizes to accommodate small, medium and large collar widths.

The smallest bow tie is made with 1 discrete elastic at the back, whereas the medium and large are both made with 2. These elastic bands easily slide onto the collar. To assure the comfort to your dog, they are tight enough to avoid slipping – all adding a spicy touch to your dog’s style.